Nantwich Probus Club

A club for retired men from professional and business backgrounds

Past Events

Social Programme 2017 / 2018

The programme for 2018- 19 will include:


2018                    Annual Lunch @ Crewe Golf Club                                 20th February 2018


                            AGM Lunch @ The Leopard                                          27th March 2018


                            Wyche Malbank 4 Clubs Lunch                                     30th April 2018


                            Lunch at The Thatch                                                      3rd July 2018                           

                            Eaton Hall Garden Party                                                 29th July 2018


                            Richmond Village + Andrew Pass Talk                           26th September 2018


                            Audlem 4 Clubs Lunch                                                    1st October 2018       


                           Turkey & Tinsel York                                                     19th to 23rd November 2018

















Nantwich Probus Club

for retired professionals and businessmen