Nantwich Probus Club

A club for retired men from professional and business backgrounds

What is Probus?


Probus is an organization founded in 1965 in association with Rotary International. It is intended for retired and semi - retired people from professional and business backgrounds made up by independent clubs. Each club is autonomous with its own arrangements for meetings and other activities.

 Its aim is to provide opportunities for retired people to widen their circle of friends and activities.


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What do we do?


Nantwich Probus Club meets twice monthly on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday morning of each month. Meetings are held at the Masonic Hall in Willaston.


Coffee is served prior to each meeting, followed by a speaker. Topics covered range widely and speakers include both members and visitors. The talk is followed by a short business session.


We also have a wide-ranging social programme, which includes day visits to places of interest, theatre trips and occasional lunchtime and evening meals.


Most Years we have a three or four day visit further afield.

Masonic Hall Willaston

A History of the Probus Club of Nantwich



The Probus Club of Nantwich was founded in March 1971. It was the first of four Clubs to be established in the Nantwich Area.


The formation of the Nantwich Probus Club initiated by the Rotary Club of Nantwich. It had been established by Rotary that in certain Towns and Districts, a wish existed for the formation of some sort of Club or Association for retired Business and Professional Men.


In October 1970, Nantwich Rotarian M. W Thorpe, wrote to local Businessmen to establish whether that desire existed in the Nantwich Area and by January 1971 it was found there was sufficient interest to form such a Club. A Probus Club formation meeting was therefore arranged to take place at the Council offices, Brookfield House, Nantwich at 7.30pm on Tuesday 2nd February 1971.


 Eighteen local Businessmen attended this meeting, plus eight Rotarians including Rotary President, F. W. Blackley and immediate past President, M.W. Thorpe. Such was the desire to form a Club that a General Meeting was arranged to be held at Brookfield House, on Wednesday 17th March 1971 at 7.30pm., with the objective to form a Probus Club in the Town of Nantwich.


At this meeting it was determined that the Probus Club of Nantwich be formed. Election of Officers took place with Dr. G. T. Lipscomb elected as the Clubs first President. The Club Rules & Constitution would largely be based on those adopted by the Spalding Club. The annual subscription would be £1.00 and 31 Professional & Businessmen were accepted into membership. Future meetings would be held at the Lamb Hotel, Nantwich.


The Nantwich Club went from strength to strength and its popularity led to the formation of three additional Clubs in the Nantwich area. The Probus movement continues to thrive and its meetings and activities are enjoyed by its many members in the UK and Worldwide.


Brookfield House

Nantwich Probus Club

for retired professionals and businessmen